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Cock Tease Phone Sex

One of my moms boyfriends walked in last night and caught me doing a sexy strip tease out of my clothes. And when he saw me he liked to went crazy. He tried to conceal the fact that he is turned on by me. Especially when it comes to
cock tease phone sex. I once over heard him talking to one of his co workers and he confessed that the only reason why he is dating my mom is so he can be closer to me. And all I could think was "what if she knew about that? He would be in some serous heat with her!" Lucky for him I don't have a very close relationship with her. I also love turning his head my way and turning him on and making his dick rock hard for me. That makes my pretty panties so wet. When I caught him spying outside of my door I walked over to him and said "Hi Frank do you like what you see?" He nearly choked as I stood there in my little skirt panties and a skimpy half top. I inched it up exposing my undies just knowing which buttons to push. He caught his breath and said "Carmen your a college girl now. You should know better than to leave left front door unlocked again. Your mom wanted me to come by and check on the house. I didn't know you were home from college." I smiled walking closer to him and said Yes i'm home from college. I'm happy you noticed. And did I do that again? I always forget to lock that door." But that wasn't truly the case. I knew he was coming by so I made sure to give him a surprise he would never forget.

He walked closer to me as I said "did you like what you saw? Did you hear me in here moaning and got curious of what was going on?" He cleared his chest as I walked back over to my bed and said "Carmen! You shouldn't be asking me those kind of questions. I'm your moms boyfriend." I was on my knees on my bed being the cock tease phone sex princess that I am and said "Yes you may be her boyfriend but why is that bulge getting harder in your pants?" He was totally speechless as I started running my soft hands under my satin panties. Looking up at him saying "It's just so smooth and touchable. And so much tighter than my moms." He couldn't help but walk closer as his hard dick started to twitch in his pants. I looked up at him and said "This tight young pussy of mine will have men like you doing things you only daydream about." I reached out putting my hand on top of the bulge of his pants. Smiling up at him as I said "Take it out Frank. Do it for me please? I know  you have stroked and masturbated to me." He looked down saying "N N No why ever would you say that?" I slid my hand down his pants and said "Because I overheard your conversation one night with one of your co workers. You said when you are fucking Carmens mom you imagine that it's me that your hard dick is inside." He was speechless unsure of what to say next.

I moved my panties to the side exposing my pink swollen pussy lips. Taking my finger as I started to slide it inside. I slid my little top off exposing my breasts and trailing my finger tips around them. Gazing deeply into his eyes as I said "I love making your cock throb for me. All those times I went around wearing those really short fitting skirts and tiny tops. And every time I will flash my panties at you knowing what it does. And you never know what type or style I will be wearing. And those times when I would accidently fall into your lap and wiggle my perfect ass on your dick. I could feel how hard you were for me then and your even harder now." I stood up and slid his pants and boxes down exposing his hard thick rod. I took the tip of his mushroom head and started to rub it up and down my bald pussy lips. I trailed my soft glossy lips across his and said "start stroking right now for your cock tease phone sex princess. Pump it good and jack it for me baby. I promise I wont tell her. I wont tell a soul." I took him by the hand placing one on my sweet pussy and the other on his dick guiding it up and down. I whispered "stroke to all the times you saw me parading around in my pretty little panties and half top. Stroke to my soft hands that like to control and stroke your cock. Stroke to my creamy legs and perfect ass. Stroke to my 34 c breasts and puffy nipples that are sensatitive to your touch. Stroke to my tight pink pussy that will some day yearn to have your meaty dick slide inside. Stroke to my sweet sugary voice that makes you drip pre cum every time you hear me. And stroke to the fact that I will make you cum harder than she ever could."

He looked down at me moaning as his fingers slid in and out saying "your parents have the perfect image of you. Thinking that you are a good girl but they couldn't be more wrong. I've been looking after you for a long time now Carmen and you make the perfect cock tease phone sex princess that makes me want to get down on my knees and worship all of you baby. I would even beg you to release my cum." I gave him a big smile and said "Do you like the way I tease and toy with you? The way that I flirt and give you the best mind fuck you have ever had?" He slid his fingers in even deeper saying "It's just so fucking tight in there Carmen. Do you think my big meaty dick would fit? Your mother never gets this wet for me and her pussy lips are so stretched out." I started to pump his dick and run my fingers all over his sensitive spots and said "you wont find any other girl who will make you feel the way that I do. No other female will make your dick throb like I do. And no other princess will ever bring you to your knees and make you beg like I can. And by the time you say fuck her it will be my sweet and very tight pussy that will be all yours Frank. If you still want it that is." By now I had his cock right where I wanted it. He was throbbing so intensly and dripping pre cum that he looked up at me and said I will do anything you want if you just let me cum right now princess!" I started masturbating in front of him. Moaning out his name as I told him how fucking good my pussy walls feel. I slid my panties back over my swollen pink lips and said "Fuck my panty covered pussy Frank. I know how much you have fantasized about doing it."

He leaned down into me as I took his dick in my hand grinding and rubbing it back and fourth looking into his eyes and said "shoot your load right here baby. I want it all don't waste one drop!" He buckeled and said I want to fuck that covered pussy with a different kind of panties every time!" He came so hard and intensly. I took my finger and scooped it across my panties tasting his delicious cum and then kissed and licked all the remains off of his long thick dick... As I lay back here right now thinking about the secret that he and I share together I can't help but want more. I just love the way he cums for me. I can't wait to have him walk in on me again catching me masturbate like the cock tease phone sex princess that I am...

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