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I got down on my knees and looked up at my daddy's best friend. I knew I had to make him happy and give him some of the best blowjob phone sex he has ever had or he would go back and tell him all of the naughty things that I have been doing lately. His dick looked like it was about ready to explode from his pants. He looked down at me and said "Carmen you are such a little slut the way you sneak out late at night dressed up showing off your body. And if your parents ever found out that you were meeting boys they would get very mad at you." I said "Oh please don't tell them how bad I’ve been lately. If they knew you caught me walking down the street late at night dressed like a whore they would be so upset!" He let out a very devious smile and said "I'm not going to say anything if you suck me off right now." I could not believe my daddys best friend was going to make me do something I didn't want to do. But he does love blackmail phone sex so I undid his pants and slid them down along with his boxers and his cock nearly slapped me in my face from being so big and fat. He was so worked up seeing me dressed in my micro mini skirt and tiny top that pre cum was oozing from his dick head. He always liked to come over and look after me when my parents were away. He also liked to look under my skirt and touch me and then moan out like a pervert. I mean if my daddy ever knew that his best friend liked his little girl he would be mad as hell. Not to mention the fact that I was only 14 years old. He had this glare of excitement in his eyes as I opened up my mouth and slid it around his cock head. As I started to slide my lips up and down his shaft he pushed and forced me all the way down to the base. I could not believe that he had me gasping for air and had his balls slapping against his balls. I looked up and felt him pumping my mouth in and out and faster with every thrust. He looked down at me saying "Carmen do you know how long I've wanted to feel that warm wet mouth plunged around my cock? I've jacked off so many times thinking about you being my cock sucking slut." I moaned out but could not speak because of the way he was invading my mouth. My words were muffled by his massive meaty rod. When my lips raised off of  him I said "You like the way I suck this dick don't you? My fucking mouth slurping and sucking up and down." He said "Oh hell yes baby are you thirsty? Because I'm about to cum." Fucking horny pervert didn't last long because before I knew it his cum was exploding down my throat. I swallowed every last drop of it too as my soft palms were playing with his balls. There was just too much of it though his creamy jizz was dripping off my cheeks and chin. I've never swallowed so much in all my life. I looked up at him smiling and he said "You earned this secret Carmen I won't ever say a word to your parents." I giggled and said "Okay and I won't tell them how much of a pervert you are either. I can't wait to get caught sneaking out again to see what happens next time.

I need to have my limit's pushed again and have some no limit's forced phone sex today.

Carmen~ 1-888-704-6848


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