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I’m craving some no limits taboo phone sex today with you. My little pussy gets dripping wet every time I think of an older man who wants to get dirty with me. I can hear the way that he talks and I know that he is stroking his big fat dick thinking about me being a young little girl for him. They ask me “Carmen how young do you like to go?” I giggle and say “I’m open to age. But the younger it is the better. “ Just think about me being the cute little girl next door or your daughters best friend. Every time you see me your dick just gets rock hard. And all you can think about is the way that I tease you and giggle.  You watch me in my cute little skirts and tops. You think “I would give anything just to have some time alone with her so I can see her pretty little panties.” Would you teach me new things? Would you be slow and easy with me? Or would you let that wild forceful man out and just rip off my little clothes? My pretty panties get wet and my tiny cunnie gets wet when I see how you look at me. I want to walk up to you and say “Can I please see your big fat cock? I really want to touch it and play with it.” Do you want to taste my sweet lips? Just lay me back on your couch and lay me down and climb between my legs and get a nice view of my bald cunnie lips. And look at the way my tiny ass hole puckers. Do you want to slide your finger in my rose bud? I want you to teach me things I’ve never done before. I’ll be your perfect little student and take you’re your tongue, finger and big fat meaty toy deep inside. You can lose all of your control and not hold back.  Jam that massive cock inside of every single hole and feel them grab around your shaft. I know my sweet pussy and ass is too tiny. And it’s okay if you force it in. I might cry a little bit but I won’t say no! Cum see how twisted, kinky, and dirty I can be for you…I will be your perfect little phone sex slut




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