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Big Brother Always Gives Me What I Want

I know its wrong for me to say how much I like incest phone sex but I don't care. My older brother is really hot and makes me think about things I shouldn't. I just love being around him because I know I can get just about anything I want from him. Today when I went to go see him I needed to drop off some of my clothes and I needed to use his storage to put some things away for a while. I had just been evicted and I didn't have anywhere to go. I made sure to be dressed in something really slutty. He said "Carmen it's been a little while since I saw you." I said "yeah I know I have been thinking about you a lot." He was in some shorts and didn't have a top on. It looked as if he was painting his house because there was a slight smell of the scent in the air. I walked over to him dressed in my tiny shorts and half top and said "Do you need any help with this?" He said "As a matter of fact I do." So I said "Okay I should change into something else cause I dont want to get my clothes all messed up." He said "You have clothes here?" I said "Well no they are out in the car. The reason why I came by cause I wanted to know if I could stay there for a while." He got this really big grin on his face and said "Of course Carmen you know my house is your house." So when I got my clothes I started to strip out of what I was wearing. I was a pretty open little sister and didn't mind changing in front of my brother. He liked to lost it when I got down to my panties and bra. And I could see the bulge in his shorts get very hard. I smiled and said "Do you like what you see?" He said "Carmen you have always been such a tease to me." I giggled and said "Yes I do but you always seem to like to watch me don't you." I walked up to him and started teasing and flirting with him.

I made his dick so hard that all he wanted to do was get me on his couch and take both of my wet holes. I looked up at him and said "What about painting your house big brother?" He said "Fuck this house I want you!" He slid his shorts down and he popped his rock hard cock out. He said "Look at this it's so hard for you." I hadn't even started sliding my hot mouth around his dick before he had pre cum dripping out of his mushroom head. I looked up and said "I wanna slide these soft lips around your shaft and suck it nice and slow to start. I wanna start taking it deeper down until its hitting the back of my throat and gagging on it. And I wanna be a real dirty whore and suck on those full balls then." He was jacking off his cock right there in front of me. I took my tongue and started licking it up and down. And then I moved in circles around the tip of his head. I moaned out saying "This pussy is so wet for you right now and needs your cock in it. Do you wanna feel what it would be like to fuck your little sister?" Then I moved my panties to the side and started running my fingers up and down my pink slit. I said "Go ahead slide it in. Feel it grip and squeeze around your shaft. I know you want it. And I know it's wrong yes but there is no turning back now." We had went so far all I wanted was him to crawl on top of me and slide his beefy dick in my wet young hole. Pumping and slamming me deep and hard. Letting me show him how much of a fucking slut I was for him. And feeling my wet juices coat his cock as he rammed me. I grabbed his cock and put a sqeeze and firm choke around it so much that he bursts all of his cum deep inside of me. I can never get enough of him having his way with me.

Are you in the mood for
taboo phone sex today and want a younger sister to have some fun with? You know how hot I am for you. Let me prove it to you and make you cum like a volcano.

Call 1-888-704-6848 ask for Carmen


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