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Punish Me For Being A Naughty Slut

I want you to punish me for being such a naughty slut. My pussy wants to feel your big fat dick sliding in it saying “You dirty little bitch! This is the only cock that should be sliding in your tiny cunt. I’ve seen you fucking all of those other guys. Just because I’m not here don’t think I don’t know how much of a whore you are being.” I look up at you with my little legs spread wide open and say “yes I know I’ve been a real slut but I missed you so much and my little wet hole missed your meat stick even more.” Do you want to use me and have your way with me? You see my glistening wet lips staring you in the face as you stroke your cock. And you know I will beg you to treat me like the naughty slut that I am. You take one long thrust and push your meat inside of me. Feeling how tight and wet I am. Sliding in and out as I moan out your name. Telling you how good you feel inside of me. You push me down on my bed and start to fuck me even deeper and faster. I grind my body into you as you see me naked and fully exposed. You press your chest into my breasts and feel my pussy walls grab your cock even tighter. “Fuck me baby I’m all yours. I know I’ve fucked a lot of men since you have been gone but all I really want is yours.” Who could you be? My boy friend, the hot guy next door, a stalker who has been watching me, maybe you are my older brother, uncle or even my daddy! Whoever you are you know that my tiny dripping wet pussy, ass and mouth wants to feel your cock sliding in and out making it feel so good that your balls start to load up with cum. They are some of the tightest wettest fucking things you have ever felt before and all you want right now is to have me begging for you to blow your hot cum for me. “Can I please take a taste of that thick white jizz?” I know I may not be very worthy for being such a tramp but I will do ANYTHING. I’m in my bedroom waiting to give myself to you…



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