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Your Misbehaving Slutty School Girl

It was the end of the school day and all of my class mates had left already. My teacher Mr. Alan asked me to stay after because he wanted to talk to me. I knew earlier that day that he was going to keep me behind because of how naughty I was being today. Passing notes back and forth and talking to the boys and being a tease with them. He looked at me and said "Carmen you know you were a very bad girl in class today so now you have to take the consequences of your actions." I giggled and said "I'm sorry Mr Alan I try to be a good girl but it's just too hard. Besides being bad is more fun." He grabbed me and bent me over his desk and lifted up my little skirt and gave me a very hard smack against my ass. I could tell he really liked doing that because his dick got extremely hard in his pants. He turned me back around facing him and said "See this is what you do to me Carmen and it's time that you take care of this big hard problem." I walked into him and said "You know i've been wanting to take care of this hard problem for a long time now Mr. Alan." Then I started to unbutton his pants and slide his huge 10 inch cock out. It was so fucking big and fat that just looking at it made my little panties wet. I giggled and said "Now I have a problem." And I took his hand and slid it under my skirt and rubbed his finger tips against my panties and said "Can you feel how wet they are?" Seeing your big fat rod has made this happen to me." He looked at me and said "You little slut get down on your knees." Then he pushed me down and shoved his meaty cock in my mouth. My pretty lips slid up and down his fat shaft. I could feel him throbbing and taste his pre cum as he started face fucking me. He shoved my mouth down deep and made me gag on it. Calling me a cock sucking slut and a very bad girl too. I said "Yes I'm a slut for your big fat cock Mr Alan. I have been every since the school year has started." Slurping and sucking moving my mouth up and down his shaft faster and faster. Before I knew it he swept me off of my feet and put me up on his counter and said "I'm going to fill that little cunt up deep and hard!" Then he pulled my little white panties to the side and took his mushroom head and started sliding it up and down. I looked and taunted him saying "Let's see what you've got!" I don't think Mr Alan liked hearing that because he got this really intense look on his face and rammed his cock in my dripping wet pussy lips. He took his hands and grabbed my hips pulling me on him saying "Oh this fucking pussy is so tight Carmen! Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to fill it up with this raging hard meat?" I said "Give it to me baby because it's not half as long as i've wanted to be a slut for you!" I grabbed and clutched his shaft and wrapped my legs around his ass and started to grind into his hips. I started to kiss him saying "Do you want a dirty slut huh? I bet you I can be more dirty and filthy then your prude wife." Then he lifted me off the counter and started lifting me up and down his dick. I said "Fill me with your cum Mr Alan because you know I wont stop until I get all of it!" His thrusts turned more intense by the second as he fucked my brains out. Before my punishment was over he shot the hugest load in my pussy and taught me a lesson I'll never forget. Is there a naughty school tease you want to fuck and teach a lesson today? Cum let me show you just how much of a slutty school girl I can be for you...

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