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My First Taste Of His Big Black Cock

Last night I got my first taste of a big black dick. He just moved in next door and had been watching me for the past couple of days. He was a older man and looked like he was a bit of a pervert. I guess he was sick of me being a cock tease because late last night I could hear him making his way up my steps. He opened up my door and found me laying in my bed barely dressed. At first I was unsure of who it was but when my eyes opened up all the way I could tell.

My heart started to pound because I didn't know what he was going to do. The closer he got the more it started to race. Before I knew it he had his big fat black 10 inch dick out and his hand over my mouth saying "This is what you get for being a cock tease. I know you want this chocolate meat in that sweet vanilla pussy don't you!" Grabbing my long red hair saying he was going to give me what I deserve.

The odd thing about it was I know I should have been scared out of my mind and afraid of what was going to happen next but my little pussy started getting very creamy. Was I liking what was about to happen to me? Him using his force to take what he wanted made my body quiver from head to toe. He took his huge pole and started to push it deep inside of me. I could feel it pumping faster and faster as My little cunt stretched wide open. I started moaning out "Yes I have been a teasing slut but since the first day I saw you all I could think about is you ramming my tiny little twat hole. His hands were under my little top grabbing and squeezing on my tits. Sliding all the way in and all the way out.

Moving his hips in circles as my pink lips sucked him in as far as I could. My juices dripped down his shaft as he gave me an intense look and he said "You have the best white pussy i've ever fucked Carmen!" He nailed me even harder saying "Tell me you want all this N***ER jizz bitch!" I looked into his eyes and said "Yes give me all of it I want that N***ER jizz in my tiny pussy!" Before I knew it he took a few more strokes and then I felt a flood of his cum fill up my pussy. It's never been as full as it was last night. After he climbed up off of me he pulled his pants up and didn't say one word. He just gave me this "I came to take what I want" Look and walked out my door.

Do you want to give me a taste of your BBC today? I am still craving more.

Carmen 1-888-704-6848

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