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Daddy had on a favorite pair of my burgundy panties and walked up to me saying "Carmen please punish me for going on your bedroom and getting out your favorite panties." I looked at him and said "Daddy not only are these my favorite ones but they are dirty! Have you been stroking your little dick with them again?" His face turned red and said "Yes baby I have been and I'm very sorry." He said "I know where my place is." And then he got down on his knees." I looked down at him and giggled saying "Yes that's where you belong at my feet. Now spread that fucking man pussy of yours because I just so happen to have my favorite strap on right here and I'm about to pound your cunt good!" Daddy started to moan out and beg me to touch his tiny dick. Which I call a clitty because it's too tiny to do anything with. I looked at him and said "Not so fast daddy I'll tell you when you can touch it!" I grabbed a bowl and placed it under his pathetic little pecker and started to run my strap on up and down his fuck hole. He started begging me like a little bitch to pump his little hole. I took my soft hands and grabbed his hips and started to pull him back on my strappy. Sliding it in deeper and deeper and moving my hips from side to side. Then I said "Daddy I know you wont be able to last long so you can start stroking that little dick." He said "What is this bowl for Carmen?" I said "That is the bowl you are going to use to shoot your cum in. And after you do that you are going to slurp up every single drop of it." He moaned out and said "I get to be your cum dumpster today?" I said "Yes you do slut!" I started to fuck him faster as I grinded into him. I started to hit that g spot and made him moan out like a bitch in heat. He said "I can't hold it any longer I'm sorry I really am trying!" I said "You are so pathetic!" And then I started to giggle saying "Okay shoot that tiny load in that bowl and then drink it down!" He is such an obedient daddy and always does what I say. If he doesn't he knows I'll tell mommy that he is a panty wearing slut!

Thank you for letting me be your favorite girl daddy! I can't wait for you to be my dirty cum slut again!


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