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Daddy's Dirty Girl Carmen

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You called me late last night for daddys girl phone sex. You were a older man looking for a submissive little girl who had a tiny sweet pussy. When I heard that you wanted me to be your little girl  my tiny bald cunt got instantly wet. I was in my bed with nothing on but my pretty little panties. You said “Take those creamy little panties off for daddy and get up on your knees. I want to taste your pussy.” I moaned out and said “Yes daddy.” I got up on my knees and started to wiggle my little hips back and forth as I slid my panties down. Exposing my tight little bum you said “Oh yes baby stay in that position but get on all fours I want to take a taste of your little girl pussy.” I spread my legs open and you climbed up on the bed with me leaning down and took your tongue and started to lick your little girls creamy little cunt. I started to moan out and said “OHHHHH daddy has the best tongue. He always knows how to make my little pink hole so wet.” Looking back at him as I started to move my little hips from left to right. He said “I’ve never tasted a little cunnie as good as your Carmen. It’s so tight and wet and is making my dick throb for you.” When he said that my juices started to flow even more. I knew daddy was not going to stop there I could tell by the way he looked at my puckered little ass hole. He slid his tongue out and said “I need to taste your little bumm hole baby girl.” He took his huge cock in his hand as his tongue started to trail up and down. Making little circles and then he started to enter my tiny little rear. Daddy liked to play dirty and he knew that I could make the perfect dirty little girl for him. I smiled and said “You like the way it tastes don’t you?” Then I started to beg him like a little slut saying “Please poke your tongue in it deeper. Oh please daddy I’ll do anything for you.” He started moaning saying “You dirty slut I’ll have to test and see if you will do anything for me.” He started to rim deeper and deeper saying I need to get both of your holes nice and wet because after that we need to talk about what will go in there next. Daddy liked playing very naughty games with me and knew I would never disobey him and say no. He could have talked about taking his big thick daddy dick and pushing it in my tiny little holes and fucking me like his little slut. Feeling how tight my warm holes grip around his shaft as he pumps me deeper and harder. And ramming me so good that I feel his balls that are full of cum smacking against my little ass. Making me beg for him to ram and pound my little twat with his thick stick. I would grab on daddys cock so tight and show him that my pussy belongs to him that he would blow his load in no time at all. And moan out and say “You own this little pussy daddy always!” Gripping and choking and strangling his cock like no girl ever has. But was it his cock he was going to give me or another kind of cock. Hmmmmm If I had my choice it would be his first and then maybe our dogs next. But daddy likes to keep me in suspense. If he fucks my tiny little ass with his huge cock I know he would put me up on my knees and make me clean off his dick like a nasty little whore and then shoot his load in my mouth. I would do anything to drink down daddys cum.

Daddy I cant wait for you to call me agiain so we can play together…

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