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Forced To Be A Bi Cock Sucking Slut

You cant stop thinking about how much you want to have a big fat cock in your mouth don't you? That's why I saw you outside of the adult book store. You know the one that has the glory holes in it where all those hung horny studs go too. You came up to me and confessed that the last time you went there you chickened out because you didn't want anyone to see you. But if you had a pretty girl like me there that you would find yourself kneeling on the floor with your hot wet mouth open and ready. With my hand on your head taking my finger tips to run through your hair. Looking down at you smiling. You look and see my other hand stroking on a big fat huge dick. Taking it as I run it across your lips. My smile turns wicked and you can tell by the look in my eyes that I'm getting off on seeing you humiliated. You were not so willing at first but I knew just how to tease and flirt you and manipulate you and make your cock so hard and water so much that you find your lips starting to part just ready to fill that curiosity of your forced bi sexual fantasy.  You sometimes feel torn though like  you dread the fact of sucking on a big fat cock but at the same time you secretly desire the extreme humiliation that you can only get from one night of forced cock sucking. Just think If I  had all of my girl friends there to look at you slide your lips up and down that long hard shaft. Giggling as your mouth pumps up and down that big fat pole.  Just think about how his fleshy meat stick would feel throbbing as you suck and slurp up and down. Taking my hand to guide you up and down. Hearing me say "Suck that stick baby do it for me and make me happy." You can taste his pre cum drip in your mouth with all eyes on you. I say in a wicked voice "Don't forget to suck on those balls. Look at how filled they are with cum." I seduce you so good that you get so fucking horny and before you know it you are begging me like a bitch to stroke your cock. Go ahead you slut I know you want to take it out and start pumping it. But in the end you know you are going to get a load of cum shot all down your throat. You didn't think I was going to bring you all the out here and not drink down his cum did you slut? I won't take no for an answer. If you do i'll just have to bring out all of those pictures that my girl friends took with their cam phone of you being a cock slut. You may think to yourself "Damn I don't know if I should go through with this I should have kept my plans to hang with the fellah's and go to the club." It's too late for that now though so just keep on sucking. You can see how big his dick has gotten for you and it's about ready to pop. And if you don't suck him off I  just wont allow you to cum. So go ahead and get that mouth ready and call me for some bi forced cock sucking today.

1-888-704-6848 ask for Carmen

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